A Virus Safety tip.

This should be something you remember from your Military training …

Please be safe with the spread of many things including this latest virus. There is a slightly false sense of safety when wearing gloves for protection. I saw one of my family members issue gloves that they have to change every 30 min or so. After watching the process it made me think – not all might think of things in the same way & of course, it was drilled into me long ago but it made sense and stuck with me lol. The glove only protects the person who wears the glove, not all those that you may be around. Some of them could be vulnerable as well. Think of the virus as paint and you have the gloves on. You might touch or come in contact with the paint then the next item or person you touch will also have paint left on it. Hence it was spread via contact although you are still protected by the glove – no paint on you. The second part of this is the removal of the glove (they change them often) – you must remove them properly – in a way that you do not come in contact with the contaminated surface – you may touch the outside of the 1st glove with the second glove but do not use your bare hand to touch the outside or contact surface of the remaining glove – and be extra safe – wash your hands with the gloves on before removal to remove anything you may accidentally touch if you goof and then immediately wash your hands after removal incase you goofed or the glove did not completely work or maybe split got a hole etc. This may seem silly – OK so laugh but be safe doing it.

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