Lowes & Home Depot stores

When you need to maintain your home, repair your home, remodel or update your home or get it ready to market – these two stores located in our area offer veterans a discount. Please check their individual websites for more info and I have included links here. They both ask for proof of your status as veteran retired or active duty but they give a 10% discount on most items you purchase. They even allow you to sign up or create a Military account or profile so that each time you shop all you need to do is tell them you have signed up to their program and give them your phone number to pull it up. ( A Tip I learned – in the service and out of the service I have had several phone numbers over the years and did not want to be added to some call systems so I made up a number that I use at a lot of stores – I have kept the same number for years and if moved or changed numbers it was always the same)

Lowe’s offers a 10% military discount to all active-duty military members, members of the Guard and Reserve, retired military members and their immediate family members. The 10% Lowe’s discount also applies to veterans who served honorably. https://www.lowes.com/mylowes/register?context=military

For Home Depot – I have used the discount at the register but I never signed up because Lowes is located about 2 miles from me and Home Depot is about 30 min drive. I looked for info on their website but did not locate where I could link to it but here is the link to the main site for them. www.HomeDepot.com

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