Dollar General offers an 11% discount

I was sent an email from the Dollar General digital coupon program today that I thought I would share to save others some $ as well.

If you go to Dollar Generals web site and click on the digital coupons . It allows you to click on any coupons that you might use and stores them for you – I use my phone number (or at least a preset number with same amount of digits) Then when we shop at Dollar General I just type in the number at checkout and the coupons will automatically apply. Today they sent me an offer for active duty or Veterans – once a month they will send you an 11 percent discount as a digital coupon – verification process took less than 90 seconds when I tried – here is a copy and paste of the confirmation sent to me – give it a try I hope it helps you save a little.

We have successfully confirmed your Military status.

Your 11% DG Digital Coupons will be automatically added to your Digital Coupons Account within 24 hours.

Once your coupon is available in your account be sure to + ADD the coupon to your DG Digital Coupons wallet.

Enter your phone number at checkout on the second Wednesday of each month to save 11% on your total purchase.

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