Merry Christmas 2019! Ways to shop & save money!

As the season we have set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lords birth and his gift to the world, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I also wanted to provide some info on another discount to help you save some $$ because we often spend more than we should this time of year. Did you know that all veterans are able to shop at the exchange stores online? I will provide you a link to a few of the sites. They have a price match policy but I have found they often are a little less expensive than normal stores. If you spend over 49 they ship for free and if you get a Military Star Card or already have one – they ship any purchase for free regardless of the amount. The Military Star card is accepted at all the exchange sites and each may carry items differently than the other so if you can’t locate an item you want on one site then check out the others. The Exchange is also linked to what they call the Market place that has special prices or deals for service members and accepts the Military Star Card. The card has its own features and benefits ad you can read more about both the card program and the exchange shopping programs. One more thing – Starting in Jan 2020 some veterans will be able to shop on the post commissaries as well and at military post stores – I do not know all the details about that yet but thought it may help someone to know its coming in a few weeks. The last link will tell you about the Star Card program. I hope this helps you save some $$. Post a comment and let me know. They help you save on anything from mobile services, cell phones, things for the home and more – like a big Walmart but geared for those who have served or are active.

Here are a few of the links :

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