No Charge $0 to Veterans for Real Estate Services program – Save the Commission charge! Crazy? TR is insane?

A new program to save you $$.

Is TR finally insane? Is this program crazy or just crazy amount of $$ that it can save you.No charge for Real Estate Services? For years you may have seen the companies that offer you a discounted rate or some offer you a flat rate but I am offering you a zero charge to you possibility – and to be fair I may be crazy or insane to have developed this program but only time will tell how many families lives I will improve by helping them acquire there own American Dream and how much I added to there bottom line to help them do more, Now to be fair I may only zero out my charges to you and there are others involved in the process. (title companies, lenders and loans, appraisers, pest inspectors, home inspectors and more) But good news I have being working on locating those who will offer you free or discounted services in these areas if allowed by law to save you even more.

Are you an active duty service member or a Veteran of the USA armed forces? Then this is a new program offered by TR Lawrence (also a Veteran) to save you $$ on Realestate services.  Do you need to buy a home or land to build on? Need to sell your home? Are you ready to invest in Real Estate? Then let TR Lawrence help you and save $$ in the process. This program is not offered anywhere else; It is not even offered by anyone else in the Athens Realty office. This has been designed & is offered by TR Lawrence. Are you ready to save? Contact him now and he will reveal his plan to serve and save you more. TR is Insane? A crazy program you ask? Limited number of openings in this program so act fast to add more to your bottom line – call 423-368-0137 now for an appointment to learn more. I will meet with you at my office or your home – tell me what is easiest for you.

A savings example:

If you were listing your home to sell and the Commission is negotiable but for this example say it is 7%. The median home price in Athens for last year was about $140,000 Let us use that as the example. The Commission would cost you the seller $9800. 140000x.07 = 9800. If you qualify under this program the commission charged to you = $0.00 adding almost 10 thousand dollars to your bottom line – unbelievable you say!  Contact me now to set an appointment and learn how I may serve and save you $$. I also have located others in the process who will waive or reduce their fees to save you more! ph 423-368-0137 or email now or click here

Veterans and active duty service members can save thousands with this program. Do you know someone who may benefit from these services – please share my info with them -the more who know the more I might be able to help?

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